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IDG List Services has always provided list management and list brokerage services. Now it provides a suite of marketing services for direct marketers.

Andrew Sambrook, general manager of IDG List Services, is seeing walls break down between the direct marketing allocation and the rest of a customer's marketing budget. So IDG List Services is pulling together the resources, internally and through various partnerships, to provide end-to-end solutions.

“Budgets are still fairly tight, and marketers are held at a much higher level of accountability,” Sambrook said. “We try to help manage their risks by working to make sure they optimize every dollar. In the past, marketers would have a particular budget for the direct space and another budget for lead-gen, another for custom and other dollars for spending against accounts. They are starting [to move money as needed] in order to work with a partner they trust to build a solution.”

What are these marketing services? “We have new requests every single day,” Sambrook said. “In some cases, we build custom databases or enhanced data profiling. We're building landing pages, helping them create content and setting up systems for triggered e-mails. We're helping them nurture, score and evaluate leads.”

Sambrook is also paying attention to the growing use of smartphones and tablets. “We worry about how an e-mail is going to render on a smartphone, and we want to make sure they'll be able to complete a registration from a mobile device,” he said.

How are these services monetized? “It may be traditional CPM-based, but we don't get into as much haggling over rates,” Sambrook said. At the other end of the spectrum, IDG List Services can manage an entire campaign and charge one price for the project. In between, customers pay on a cost-per-lead, cost-per-action or fee-for-service basis.

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