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The Apple iPad has faced surprisingly mixed reviews since its highly anticipated release last month. Though some expected the device to set the benchmark for e-readers and be a savior for the publishing industry, many reviews in the blogosphere have instead focused on a laundry list of the device's perceived shortcomings. Those alleged deficiencies include: no phone, no camera, no Flash support and no USB ports. And the complaints don't end with the actual machine or its performance. Jokes about the name iPad were fair game on the Internet almost immediately. Take this one from the, a blog that published an entire list of favorites: "It surfs the Web and stops the bleeding.” Many commentators noted that the feminine hygiene humor could have been avoided if Apple had named its tablet "iSlate” or one of the other, previously rumored names. Beyond blogs and message boards, several videos poking fun at the iPad's "problems" have gone viral. One features a dubbed-over scene from the German movie "Der Untergang” in which Hitler complains that "[the iPad] could have revolutionized the market! It could have been amazing! ... But what do we get instead? An oversized iPod Touch!” The video was approaching 2.6 million views on YouTube after only five days. Despite all the snarking, the iPad may prove to be a transformative gadget as it was initially hyped to be. It would then join a long list of computer platforms from Apple—let's not dwell on the Newton—that were unqualified successes.
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