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When Media Business surveyed b-to-b marketers last month, what really surprised me was the importance they put on intimate events and webcasts. Both ranked very high—higher than trade shows.

I wasn't surprised that 92% said online was an important communication channel, and 47% said the same of print.

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But right in between these two were webcasts (68%) and intimate events (76%). Both are types of events that can be scaled rather economically, where marketers can meet either face to face or virtually and provide information about their areas of expertise.

Go back a few years and webcasts would not even break the 15% threshold at the bottom. Intimate events have always been important, but most of us in the media tend to ignore the desire for such small gatherings. Clearly, this is an area in which we need to demonstrate the matchmaking abilities we have with our audiences and our advertising clients.

Lead generation and small events, as well as webinars, can be very profitable ways to keep building your community and your revenue.

Many of us have some types of small events, but maybe we have not taken them to the truly high-priced-lead level of a “microevent.” Many of us have also begun to see webcasts and webinars as a serious business, but they may have more profit potential than any of us had imagined.

And one other interesting finding: Only 25% of marketers surveyed rated virtual trade shows as important. But that's this year.

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