Incremental steps lead to exponential gains Combining SEO, PPC to navigate complex site

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“We target small businesses, getting them to search for payroll processing convenience. The keyword choices are the gateway to me, and we find ways to stick folks in different buckets to customize our messaging. After the keywords, you have to choose the right ads, and then the right content and then the right landing page. And then you have to test all the landing pages and follow the prospects into your CRM system to see which ones become customers. As for metrics, it's step by step. For example, the goal might be to increase the clicks that turn into actual leads; then increase the number of qualified leads; then determine how many turn in a sale; then find out which bucket turns into a sale. It's steps along the way, and when you can improve each of these, it's that that leads to exponential improvement.” —SCOTT BRANDT, VP-marketing, SurePayroll Inc. “Gates is a global manufacturing company of rubber products, including belts and hoses for industrial and automotive uses. We try and leverage our Web site to help our distribution channels and warehouse dealers. Some of our challenge is [that] we have so much information on our site ... sometimes people can't find their way around easily. Using digital agency 90octane, we pinpointed specific keywords to make sure they're on-target and are a good blend of brand plus product words. And landing pages are customized for where the researcher is in the buying cycle. For example, if a search is made for "Gates,' they'll find our company credentials. But if someone further along in the purchase process searches for, say, "Poly Chain GT Carbon,' paid search will take them to a campaign-specific landing page/microsite with product-focused offers, while SEO will send them to a product-specific page on To date, 65% of all registrants at come from organic search. In February the top-performing PPC campaign averaged an 8.5% click-through rate in Google, well above industry averages.” —CARLIE SCHUBERT, e-marketing manager, corporate communications and public affairs, Gates Corp.
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