Industrial supplier Indium welds research to search

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The “head-in-pillow” defect might not sound like a b-to-b problem. But it's a hot topic on Mario Scalzo's Tech Support, a blog about soldering process issues. Scalzo and his employer, Indium Corp., which makes solders and other items for electronics assembly, decided to make the blog, and Indium, the go-to source on the subject. “We wanted to be the thought leader on this topic, the one people turn to to solve this problem,” said Rick Short, director of marketing at Utica, New York-based Indium. The company decided to do this after Web site analytics revealed that this soldering problem, also known as “hidden pillow” and “ball-in-cup,” was bringing traffic to Indium's Web site from search engines. The strategy was driven by understanding that search terms represent a form of online research. Short uses both Google analytics and tools from Hubspot to analyze what search terms bring traffic to his site. He also consults with marketing services company Site-Seeker. If Google is his Land Rover and Hubspot his rifle, Site-Seeker is his guide through the jungles of search analytics, Short said. The b-to-b world is “asleep at the wheel” about using analytics tools for this kind of research, said Eddie Bluff, Site-Seeker co-founder and VP-sales and marketing. Did the research pay off? According to Short, Indium is now frequently contacted by companies having issues with head-in-pillow. While he won't say specifically what this has done for sales, Indium has “unquestionably increased market share,” Short said. One thing is clear: If you search for “head-in-pillow” on Google, the No. 1 response is Mario Scalzo's blog. M
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