Industrial vestige, a sweet suit and a moving makeover

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Tech media company A2aMEDIA announced plans to install an energy-efficient, digital motion graphic display on New York's Times Square Port Authority Bus Terminal exterior this month. Using Mediamesh technology—stainless steel wire mesh woven with integrated LED profiles—the display will provide a long-term aesthetic upgrade to the terminal, along with new advertising opportunities across the approximately 6,000 square-foot facade. An additional 25,000 square feet of architectural lighting will be color-coordinated with the visual messaging. “Mediamesh is a fresh approach to outdoor display technology that is a departure from traditional clunky, opaque LED boards,” said Brian Schuvart, senior VP-sales and marketing at A2aMEDIA, in a press release. “The display will provide monetization options for the Port Authority and a visually appealing advertising platform for regional and national organizations through flexible marketing programs that will match brands' individual objectives.” The media platform, which provides up to 70% window transparency and uses 80% less power than conventional LED displays, is projected to reach an audience of more than 1 million people per day.
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