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CMP Technology's TechOnline has looked into their crystal ball of sorts that identified the top trends in electronics engineering for 2007 and beyond. Would-be marketers to this vertical niche should play close heed to:
  • An explosion of wireless technology development, especially devices that can deliver fast, broadband access on the go and at home.
  • Electronics that incorporate quality, complex audio, such as cell phones, in-car systems and high-end amplifiers.
  • The ongoing fight for HD DVD dominance, as well as increasing demands for low-cost but high-quality HD components.
  • Faster and more sophisticated ethernet capabilities that are meeting and exceeding demand from manufacturers in industrial control design.
  • New software and communications architecture to control and add functionality to automobiles, such as electronic stability, tire pressure monitoring, lane departure warning and infotainment systems.
  • Green design requirements that force electronics engineers to think environmentally friendly in the planning stages or face expensive redesigns, miss time-to-market windows or incur product bans.
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