The new influencer of content curation: Bunkr

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A good friend and social media guru recently shared with me a new tool he had discovered—Bunkr, a cloud-based content presentation platform.

After playing around with this tool, here is my summary: Evernote + Pinterest + HTML 5 + simple Powerpoint features = Bunkr.

You can click Bunkr's bookmarklet to store any images, research, videos or articles to your Bunkr account in a very similar way to Evernote's services. The content is displayed in a Pinterest format. You can easily pick and choose content to create your presentation. In addition, it's done in HTML 5, which makes it both desktop and mobile friendly. The tool is still pretty buggy at its early stage and requires improvement, but the concept is interesting.

As a content marketer, I can't help thinking how a tool like this will impact the future of content marketing:

The merging of original content and curated content

I categorize content types by audience, formats, platforms, ownership, etc. Content is often categorized by original content (created by authors) and curated content (third-party content). With tools like PublishThis and Bunkr, I see the merging of original content and curated content. There will still be pure original content that is well thought out by authors. More curated content will be customized using tools like Bunkr, since you can swiftly pull information from multiple sources of your collection library, then add your points of view. There it is—you have something ready to publish.

Finished content becomes reusable and unstructured

Imagine content as a living being. HTML 5 makes bits and pieces of finished content easily adaptable and reusable. Using Bunkr as an example, you can freely drop pieces of finished content and create new content. This is great for repurposing existing long-form content into an easy digestible short form for different social media channels.

Personally, I don't believe Bunkr will replace Powerpoint, Keynote or even Prezi. ¬†Different presenters have different needs and requirements for using Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi. Each tool has its own place. You need to determine what tools work best for you.

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