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Intel Corp. has not traditionally relied on search engine optimization, but paid search is another matter, according to Corey Carrillo, the company's manager-global media worldwide search and online programs. “We have a behemoth of a Web presence, and our U.S. site alone is a couple of million pages worth of content,” Carrillo said. “It's been easier frankly for us to attack the paid search market and make strides with specific pages,” Carrillo said. Pay-per-click advertising is particularly useful in directing users to specific pages, with products that may not necessarily rank at the top in organic search results. A continuing consideration for Intel is its presence in 27 countries. In 80% of those, Google is dominant; but the company has to make sure its search presence is secure in China, with its dominant Baidu search engine; in Russia, on Yandex; and with other locally significant search engines. Also, while Google has a 65% overall search market share in the U.S., its dominance rises above 85% for b-to-b searches for Intel products, and to more than 90% when educational institutions are conducting searches.
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