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Palm Treo

Agency: AKQA, San Francisco

Although the product is all whistles and bells, the interactive ad is all simplicity and elegance.

In a narrow tower-style ad, the palmOne Treo 600 wireless handheld glides gracefully across the field of white. Above it appears the headline: "Suddenly, your laptop feels heavy." Next comes a column of text listing the product's features: cell phone, e-mail, Web browsing, organizer, digital camera.

Dominating the tower space is the product itself-a sleek, silver, 6-ounce handheld that says cutting edge. "It's a very attractive device," said Julie Patterson of San Francisco-based agency AKQA, who supervises the palmOne account. "We wanted to showcase the beauty of the product."

The target audience of high-income mobile professionals that skews heavily male gets a detailed look at the handheld's keyboard and screen, even in the narrow confines of the tower format. Part of an integrated campaign, the interactive ad arose from airport boards in Newark and Philadelphia that helped introduce the Treo 600. "Unlike print, you don't have the luxury of a lot of copy in outdoor," Patterson said, noting that the outdoor concept was carried through into cyberspace. "The layout is designed to convey simplicity."

"The underlying theme of the campaign is that the palmOne Treo is a temporary laptop replacement," Patterson said. Although it's not overtly stated in the interactive ad or the general campaign, palmOne wants mobile professionals to know that the Treo 600 is more than a killer e-mail application like the BlackBerry, it's a streamlined package of business functions, she said. M

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