Intuit, Mountain View, Calif.

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Company:Intuit, Mountain View, Calif.
Agency: Dailey & Associates, West Hollywood, Calif.
Market: Small businesses
Quick chase: We've seen worse. At least there's some semblance of order to the ragged stacks of papers encircling the barefoot businesswoman. The image speaks volumes about Intuit's value proposition, not to mention how flawlessly it pairs with the headline: “Get your business off the ground.” The copy does a swell job of explaining how the product can create a method to the madness of running a business: “Intuit QuickBooks Online lets you see all your business information in one place. It easily creates invoices. Plus it can help you stay on top of your business from virtually anywhere, even with a compatible mobile device.”
Clue: The call to action is assertive and is unabashed about its use of the advertising “f-word:” FREE.
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