Intuit Gives Three More Small Businesses National Ads

RPA-Created Spots Again Focus on Businesses Rather Than Intuit

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What do dog food, eggs and poop have in common? Aside from what olfactory notions you may have, they're all products from small businesses now getting national TV spots from Intuit.

As part of the same Intuit-backed "Small Business, Big Game" contest that saw toy-maker Goldieblox emerge as the winner of a Super Bowl ad spot, three runners up -- natural dog-food maker Barley Labs; egg producer Locally Laid Egg Company; and fertilizer maker POOP-Natural Dairy Compost -- are now being treated to national TV campaigns of their own.

The three 30-second spots titled "Just Dogs," "Freedom" and "Glennda," respectively, began running this week on Fox Sports 1 and 2 and will air through June. They will appear on Intuit's YouTube channel and be promoted on Twitter and Facebook. Each spot is also available for the individual businesses to share on their own social channels.

After an eight-month long contest to "win" a Super Bowl ad with tens of thousands of participants, the finalists were narrowed down to the aforementioned four companies last fall and the agency had to come up with ideas for the creative for each company before a winning company was chosen.

Goldieblox won the contest and received national attention from the ads, which were designed to promote the small business as well as Intuit and its QuickBooks product. The company also recently signed a distribution deal with Target and opened up a second factory to meet expected demand.

The impact from those spots and social media attention for Intuit, so far, has made for "the most successful campaign ever," according to Intuit's director of small business ecosystem Heather McLellan. She said Intuit is looking to continue the same momentum with the ads for the three runners-up.

"We didn't initially know what form it would take, but we knew we wanted all finalists to be 'winners,' so as part of our original media strategy we determined it and wanted it to be tied to the whole big game/sports theme," said Ms. McLellan. "One of the things [the Goldieblox ad] has done is put Intuit and QuickBooks on a world stage. We found a really engaged community and hope to continue that level well beyond where we are today."

As for the timing, agency RPA had been thinking about what kind of creative or initiative the three runners-up should receive shortly after the Super Bowl spot aired, and ultimately decided on TV spots a little over a month ago – with Intuit's approval.

"Once we all caught our breath from the Super Bowl, it happened pretty shortly after. We spoke to the businesses themselves and figured out strategies and targets, went through different ideas and narrowed it down with Intuit and the businesses," said RPA creative director Nathan Crow. "As we met them and learned about them, they became very excited about the idea of TV spots. Intuit said this is what they want, and it proves out even more that they are really about supporting small businesses."

Intuit and RPA are already in conversations about what the next effort may be, but did not share any details.

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