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By Kate Maddox

CHALLENGE: is a Las Vegas-based company that provides Domain Name System (DNS) services. When the company was founded in 1999, it provided free domain name registration and Web redirect services to small businesses and home users. Over the past five years, No-IP has expanded into paid services, including DNS hosting and management. Much of its business results from converting free subscribers into paid customers. However, it faced a challenge communicating with its customers using e-mail. "The growing onslaught of spam was beginning to have a negative impact on our business," said Dan Durrer, chief technology officer at No-IP. "Our customers weren’t getting confirmation e-mails when they signed up for accounts online," he said, noting that some ISP spam filters were sending No-IP’s e-mails to junk mail folders, filtering words such as "free" that were found in the body of the text. "We were losing 200 to 300 customers a day," Durrer said.

SOLUTION: No-IP turned to Habeas, a Mountain View, Calif., company that provides a warranted e-mail service to legitimate businesses using e-mail to communicate with customers. Habeas’ Sender Accreditation program makes sure that companies comply with CAN-SPAM regulations and best practices for using e-mail. After they have met the accreditation standards, customers receive a Habeas Warrant Mark they can use with their e-mail campaigns to identify them to ISPs. "Habeas provided us with services to make sure our e-mail was getting through," Durrer said. In addition to receiving the Habeas Warrant Mark, No-IP is also registered on the Habeas Whitelist, a DNS-based Internet Protocol address listing of Habeas licensees that is made available to ISPs and anti-spam companies.

RESULTS: Since using the Habeas Warrant Mark, No-IP has seen its business improve. "We have seen an increase in sales and an increase in the conversion of accounts from free to paid," Durrer said. The company has seen intangible results, as well. "We’re not getting people who are upset because they didn’t get their confirmation e-mail," he added.

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