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CHALLENGE: iQ Research & Consulting, the leading full-service market research consultancy and a division of Qorvis, one of the U.S.’ largest public relations firms, is constantly looking for effective ways to optimize its clients’ advertising and PR campaigns. The consultancy had primarily relied on focus groups and telephone research to survey the targeted audience. While effective, these methods were costly and had long implementation cycles. “An absolute minimum would be two weeks and each project would cost around $15,000,” said Kevin Jessop, VP, iQ Research & Consulting.

The company needed a solution that would help it radically reduce project turnaround time and cut costs.

SOLUTION: iQ Research & Consulting decided to look for an online survey solution to make its research projects more effective. “We looked at different vendors and selected WebSurveyor,” said Jessop. “The Web interface was excellent and the pricing was very competitive. There were some other solutions that were cheaper, but they did not seem to be that effective or look professional.”

The consultancy uses online surveys to assess the effectiveness of communication campaigns. “We do a pre-campaign survey of thousands of people on specific campaign features, test various brand messages and let the campaign run,” Jessop said. “After the campaign is finished, we run right back into the field with an identical questionnaire. Then we compare and contrast the two questionnaires to see if the advertising has had an effect.”

iQ Research & Consulting also uses WebSurveyor to test concept commercials. “Before committing to a production, which can be very expensive, we create a concept print, radio or full motion video commercial,” said Jessop. “Then we try it on a selected audience to check the initial reaction through an online survey.”

iQ Research & Consulting uses WebSurveyor for all stages of a PR campaign. “If we want to pitch our services to a major client, we use WebSurveyor for background research,” Jessop said. “When we get the results, we can go to a prospective customer and say: here’s what 20% of the population thinks about your company. We use it to support our arguments and sales pitches.”

Once an account is secured, the consultancy uses the tool to optimize media messages. “We can rapidly get people’s perception of services or gauge a company’s reputation,” Jessop said. “Then we use the results to develop an effective message.”

When the message is created, it is tested once again, especially if the announcement is strategically important. For example, before the client goes on TV with a speech, iQ Research & Consulting tests it with the survey tool and makes the necessary changes.

RESULTS: “In the world of advertising and PR, where we operate, time is of essence,” Jessop said. “WebSurveyor helps us to turn things around quickly.”

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