ISIPP to provide free CAN-SPAM compliance reviews to e-mail marketers

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Santa Clara, Calif.—The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy announced it is offering free CAN-SPAM compliance reviews to e-mail marketers. The move comes as four new CAN-SPAM rules go into effect this month.

The new rules specify that: CAN-SPAM applies to all commercial senders; it is acceptable to use a post office box or private mailbox as the postal address required in every mailing by CAN-SPAM; all opt-out requests must be able to be accomplished by a single action—a single click on a link in an e-mail or on a Web page; and for any e-mail that contains the advertisements of someone other than the sender, the entity that the e-mail is “from” must also have its own advertisement in the e-mail, otherwise each and every entity advertised becomes responsible for processing opt-out requests.

The last two requirements are causing e-mail senders the most anxiety, said Anne P. Mitchell, CEO of ISIPP.

“The single-click opt-out requirement is pretty straightforward, but it means that a lot of e-mail senders are now scrambling to retool their opt-out systems,” Mitchell said in a news release. “But it’s the one about who is advertised in the e-mail as compared to whose e-mail address the e-mail is ‘from’ that is really causing all the headaches.”

E-mail senders can find the rules for CAN-SPAM compliance at Businesses can sign up for their free CAN-SPAM compliance review at

—Carol Krol

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