JetDirect relaunches brand with targeted C-suite campaign

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JetDirect Aviation, which sells and charters private jets to corporations and high net worth individuals, this month rolled out a rebranding campaign to introduce its new name to C-level executives. JetDirect spun off from Sentient Flight Group in August. The company sells and charters planes to a very select C-level crowd. “There are two sets within the C-suite we target: heads of corporations or individuals who can afford a $10 million to $50 million jet, and others in the C-suite that don't necessarily want to own an aircraft but have a requirement to use it with fair regularity,” said Gil Wolin, senior VP-marketing and communications at JetDirect. So to relaunch its brand, JetDirect turned to its agency of record, Boston-based Winsper. “If you think about the C-suite mentality and the psychographics of this group, they are goal-setters, high achievers, and they are constantly on the move,” said Jeff Winsper, president of Winsper. “The notion of trust, especially with senior people all being on a plane, is very important.” Wolin said the decision-making process for large-ticket items such as a private jet is different than for lower-cost items in an organization. “In the executive's mind, the decision has already been made to use the product or service, particularly if it's an aspirational product or service like a jet. A good portion of our activity is to provide the justification to rationalize an emotional decision that has already been made and to help them select us.” To communicate the values of trust and commitment, Winsper developed an integrated campaign for JetDirect with the tagline “People. Planes. Purpose.” The campaign includes print, online and events. Print ads are running in trade publications including Business and Commercial Aviation and Aviation International News, and in Forbes, which ran an aviation supplement the first week of October, timed to coincide with the National Business Aviation Association show Oct. 6-8 in Orlando, Fla. JetDirect also ran an ad in the NBAA show daily, driving people to its booth to see the new brand. It showed a jet in flight, with the headline “Wheels Up.” Copy reads, “Presenting an aviation company committed to the highest standards of operational excellence and safety.” “[The target audience] is a very narrow group of people,” Wolin said. “Too much money can be wasted if [the budget] is spread too thin on media, whether it's print or electronic.” JetDirect is also running a keyword search campaign with the goal of driving people to its Web site. M
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