The best job roles in tech marketing?

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It's time for a look at the emerging job roles in tech b-to-b marketing. This is where the hiring is happening, but you will have to decide what looks right for you.

1) Sales enablement (SE). The fastest-growing job role in tech marketing today is sales enablement. Yes, this is in addition to the SE positions that are being created in the sales organization.

In the marketing organization, the primary SE role is that of content management and optimization. This includes creating, producing, organizing and delivering marketing assets that are valued (actively used) by sales in their customer creation work. This is an excellent marketing role. It can have very high impact. It can save the company money, and it can free up lots of wasted time. It involves a nice mix of people skills, process smarts and technology facility. It has a pretty crisp job definition and it requires an expandable skill set that you can build on and carry across a career, from company to company.

2) Marketing operations (MO). This is still a very hot role. As measured just by the pace of hiring, it is not as hot as it was a couple of years ago, and the pace is going to slow. But, ironically, the role is becoming more important and more strategic, as marketing organizations continue to be presented with many excellent opportunities for process improvements in so many areas.  Most of the MO roles are manager and director level. There may be some good upward mobility. If you are a really impactful MO person at a large organization, there is probably the organizational need for a very senior leader, as the largest tech MO areas might have 50 or more marketing op professionals on staff. Another MO-area job "target" might be to seek or create a role within product lines or in the field. I say this because most MO staff are now housed at corporate, and I think the incremental hires need to be elsewhere, deeper in the organization.

3) Marketing technologist. This job role would fit as a sub-set within marketing operations but, wow, it is a pretty big sub-set. The single largest skill set dearth today, validated by much IDC research, is that of technical talent in the marketing suite: proficiency with databases, email tools, MRM, MPM, CRM, social media monitoring—the list goes on. My favorite quote of the year is from friend and client Jack Androvich, who is the senior most marketing ops executive at Autodesk: "Today, you simply can't be a good marketer unless you are also a good technologist."

Well, there are three ideas for tech marketing job roles. Nothing there that meets your fancy? Let's talk.

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