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NatureWoven, a Marina del Rey, Calif.-based subsidiary of Natural AdCampaign (a U.K. producer of eco-friendly marketing and advertising materials) has introduced two all-natural, compostable sign-age materials that help advertisers reduce their ecological footprint. The biodegradable media, made of natural latex and plant fibers, are digitally printable and require only 10% of the energy used to produce chemical-based alternatives, according to the company. “Our products begin life as plants, become signage and then complete their life cycle as natural fertilizers that improve soil quality,” said Matt Devlin, NatureWoven's VP-business develop-ment, North America, in a press release. Although they're compostable, the signs won't become a pile of dirt in front of the checkout counter. Devlin said the signs last for about one year outside and at least two years indoors. Advertisers can use the sheets for signs, wall art exhibition displays, billboards and point-of-purchase materials. Companies such as Whole Foods have already started to use NatureWoven materials for point-of-purchase and window displays, for example. “It's refreshing when brands ... use our products simply because it's the right thing to do,” Devlin said. —James Podolny
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