John Rockwell, VP-digital audience marketing, Sandow Media

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John Rockwell, who joined Sandow Media in October 2011, has been steadily finding new ways to tap the company's audience data to increase revenue. Earlier this year, his team used a number of customer relationship management tools to refine how it tracks who is receiving (and opening) email messages from several of the company's brands. "It's email marketing 101," Rockwell said, "but we're taking it the next step when we automatically send subscription offers to the most engaged of these customers. This marketing automation means we'll truly be exploiting this low-hanging fruit." In addition, Rockwell's team is currently transitioning traditional magazine fulfillment to an order/transactional system using its CRM. "We'll be able to see the "joins' between customer groups and behaviors, customizing landing pages, fine-tuning offers and better understanding the sales process for every subscriber," he said. "We'll finally be able to automate the upsell process, turning print subscribers into product buyers and vice versa." At his previous employer, IHS, Rockwell oversaw the establishment of a sophisticated sales approach for the chemical division that managed each customer and customer company based on its revenue potential. "We managed customers like a salesperson would, focusing on each as an individual, tailoring messaging as granularly as possible," Rockwell said. This shift allowed IHS to increase revenue from some customers by more than 400%.
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