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New York—Timed to coincide with its listing on the New York Stock Exchange, high-speed networking vendor Juniper Networks on Thursday unveiled the largest product and marketing push in its 12-year history.

“This is our first, globally integrated campaign,” Juniper CMO Lauren Flaherty said. Flaherty officially joined the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company Feb. 1 from Nortel, where she was also CMO, but has been pulling the levers for the new campaign since late last year.

The effort includes a new logo, new messaging, ads in business and trade magazines, social media and a color spread published in the “Marketplace” section of Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.

Acknowledging that Juniper has a much bigger competitor in Cisco Systems, Flaherty said, “We decided to try a different execution.”

Three years ago, Juniper criticized Cisco for revamping its own corporate logo and branding, saying that it would rather spend money on technology and products.

Specifically, the new Juniper campaign targets C-suite business leaders, not the networking engineers who already know and respect Juniper, said Flaherty, who last year was named a BtoB Top Marketer when she at Nortel.

Even before she joined Juniper’s payroll, Flaherty halted the planned Q1 product announcements, noting it would have been a dreadful time to launch anything, given the state of the economy.

Asked how else Juniper will change its messaging, she said the company would be shifting its spending to more intimate events, “where we can manage the story.” In addition, it will increase its spending in general business titles, taking this money out of trade magazines.

In fact, Juniper appears to be picking up more of an editorial role. Its newly redesigned landing page has a much more “magazinelike feel,” Flahtery said.

Juniper also had some fun generating excitement in the social media arena, putting out fake—and increasingly playful—logos on the blogosphere when speculation about the new mark began.

Juniper declined to reveal the cost of the global campaign.

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