Keysight Technologies Launches with Global Ad Campaign Targeting Engineers

Spinoff Showcases 'Aha' Moments in New Ads

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Keysight Technologies, a spinoff of Agilent Technologies that provides electronic measurement equipment, this week announced its launch with a global ad campaign targeting engineers.

To mark its launch as a publicly traded company, Keysight executives rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday and kicked off a global ad campaign created by agency Hydrogen, Seattle.

Agilent is a $6.8 billion maker of testing and measurement equipment. It spun off from Hewlett-Packard in 1999, and since then has focused on two primary industries -- life sciences and electronics engineering.

"By splitting the company, we could have a unique focus for each customer type," said John Shields, global marketing programs manager at Keysight Technologies, who was previously with Agilent and before that, HP.

"We were often torn between making marketing investments for the life-sciences side of our business and for the wireless and digital technology side, which was almost a 50-50 split," Mr. Shields said of Agilent. The electronics side of the business, which is now Keysight, generated close to $3.5 billion in revenue in its most recent fiscal year, he added.

"Keysight Technologies is wholly focused on providing electronic measurement solutions for wireless and digital technologies, research and design engineering," Mr. Shields said. Keysight serves industries including aerospace and defense, automotive, cellular, mobile computing and wireless connectivity.

The campaign includes print and online ads running in engineering trade publications such as Electronic Design, Evaluation Engineering, IEEE Spectrum and Microwave Journal. The campaign budget was not disclosed.

The ads feature the "aha" moments engineers have when discovering a solution to a problem, from scribbling an equation on their hand to hashing out problems in the shower.

"The audience of engineers is kind of a tough crowd -- they are pretty marketing-averse," said Rick Peterson, president of Hydrogen. "We wanted to figure out a way to convey the fact that Keysight really gets what drives engineers. And what drives engineers is coming to an understanding of something -- having an epiphany or 'aha' moment -- that excitement when they have been noodling on a problem and it just comes to them."

Mr. Shields said an important element of the campaign is showing the engineering audience that Keysight can help them solve critical problems fast. "Engineers are under incredible time pressure to get new products and solutions to their end customers. If they miss a product window, they can go out of business," he said. "Engineers need test and design insight fast."

Another important element of the campaign is showing that Keysight is a company made up of "engineers for engineers," Mr. Shields said. Some of the ads feature Keysight engineers.

"We have the right people -- engineers who understand the test challenges you encounter. Our engineers sit on every major standards body on the planet, from 4G to LTE, and we understand the measurement challenges," he said. "Engineers want credibility. My job is to provide positive proof points to substantiate the claim that we can help you get there."

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