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Linda Rebrovick, KPMG Consulting L.L.C.’s new chief marketing officer, has a task unique in consulting history: overseeing all the global marketing efforts of a publicly traded Big 5 firm.

KPMG Consulting, whose shares began trading on the Nasdaq on Feb. 8, now has all the benefits of a public company, including access to the capital markets and all the marketing dollars that can come with it.

Before assuming her post in January, Rebrovick was exec-VP of KPMG Consulting’s Health Care Consulting Practice, a title she will keep. In her first interview since taking her new position, Rebrovick told BtoB of McLean, Va.-based KPMG Consulting’s b-to-b marketing plans.

BtoB: Accenture recently launched a $175 million advertising campaign. How can KPMG Consulting compete?

Rebrovick: I’m happy to see Accenture do that. The more people that know about our industry, the better.

Now, what we’re able to do is take the KPMG Consulting name and tell our story on top of that, as in our print ad that launched in The Wall Street Journal. We’ve told people who we are, and we’re telling people that we’re bringing consultants with business, technology and industry experience. We also have a TV and media plan that will start next month.

We also have very significant alliance partners like Cisco Systems Inc. [Cisco has invested some $1 billion in KPMG Consulting, and is a strategic partner in its technology marketing initiatives.] Cisco chose us only after they were our client first. This relationship will come out in our advertising later.

What I’m trying to say is, hey, we serve 2,500 global companies, and also seven of the top 10 global e-business companies.

BtoB: How specifically does KPMG Consulting intend to learn from Cisco?

Rebrovick: Learning from Cisco is a real tremendous value. They have been wonderful in helping us. [Cisco Senior VP-Customer Advocacy] Doug Allred is on our board, and we intend to work closely with him. Someone from Oracle will also be one of our board members.

That’s a tremendous benefit of being a public company. Board members can bring in tremendous expertise, and marketing is one of them.

BtoB: How will KPMG Consulting’s b-to-b marketing change now that it is a publicly traded company?

Rebrovick: Now, as a public company, we have a real chance to tell our story. The marketing piece of it is absolutely important to our success and our ability to communicate our brand, which will therefore turn into our ability to generate leads. It all ties together. I think the public will focus on our advertising now.

BtoB: How important a role will online marketing play?

Rebrovick: The Internet is absolutely strategic to us. We’re especially going to use it for client-to-client opportunities. It’ll be a very specific way for us to do this. Watch this space—we’re absolutely going to tell our story in it.

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