Kuvin directs relaunch of ABM Web site

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Joshua Kuvin joined American Business Media as chief technology officer in November. He brought 20 years of experience in broadcast journalism as a producer, including positions with HDNet, NBC News, NBC Sports and Dateline NBC.

MB: ABM is relaunching its Web site this month. What's the thinking behind it?

Kuvin: My goal is to have as much interactivity as possible with visitors to the site. … We have a variety of applications on the site to keep it fresh and updated daily. We will have more original content. We have talented people at ABM who are interested in doing more reporting on the variety of things going on in our industry.

We've had our Dragonfly video player completely redesigned with a high-definition video player. The resolution quality is fantastic. Now we have to upgrade the back end with new cameras and so forth.

I'm tapping into the Tisch School [of the Arts] at New York University to get some of their students as interns. I'm hoping we'll be developing some very interesting programming and getting a little more creative.

This content will be viewed not only on our own network but also will be propagated to about 14 other Web sites, including YouTube. These will point back to our Web site to try to get more eyes on it. A social network will be launched down the road.

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