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We recently launched a new marketing campaign to reach beyond some of the traditional messaging in our markets and develop a stronger, more emotional connection to the people who are helping drive the U.S. manufacturing renaissance. My company serves a broad cross-section of industries with machine technology and process expertise that enable companies to manufacture the parts and components for today's most advanced aircraft, automobiles, electronic and medical devices. In their businesses, they are making more than just parts for some piece of equipment; they are making what matters— to their business, to their co-workers, families and communities.Their determination, drive and creativity enable them make their living from making these parts.

We are developing the messages that position Makino as the trusted partner that provides the leading-edge solutions, know-how and dependable support that helps these U.S. manufacturers compete on the global stage. This lets our customers focus their energy on making what matters most in their businesses.

This effort is much more than a technical spreadsheet or engineering equation. It has to reach deeper than the typical rational arguments we are accustomed to making.We typically win the technical sale, but for us to be even more successful, we wanted to find a way to help our brand connect with the feelings of manufacturers about their businesses and the value they bring to so many others. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to expand and leverage our existing social media communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, which would be supported by our normal public relations effort. In addition, we began to shift our case studies, web and custom content to reflect this more personal messaging.

This tactical shift has led to a significant increase in referrals to our website and increased web traffic.We encourage social sharing and respond promptly to comments and other posts. We are pleased to see a significant increase in customer engagement in a marketplace which is frequently dominated by Non Disclosure Agreements protecting unique competitive advantages in a global manufacturing marketplace.Our Facebook "like" growth increased 600% and our YouTube subscribers increased by almost 100%, further illustrating the power of connecting with people. Our employees embrace each new metal-cutting challenge and thrive under the pressure to perform, deliver and satisfy the requirements which our customers specify.Our customers are actually playing a role in the way we develop and deliver our messages as the campaign evolves.We are connecting in new ways to support our customers' efforts to achieve even more, by making what matters.

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