Lauren McCadney

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Title: Senior manager of social media Company: CDW Corp. Years in current job: 2
Proving a solid ROI for social media is often a challenge for marketers. But not for Lauren McCadney, senior manager of social media at CDW Corp. McCadney spent the past year developing a full picture of her target audience's interaction with social media in general and with CDW specifically. She worked closely with the company's research team to gather data on how IT professionals use social media and what they expect from it. “We created a learning agenda,” McCadney said. “It included questions that I knew had to be answered if we were going to take our efforts to the next level. Systematically over the past year, we have answered questions as fundamental as what percent of IT pros use social media; why do IT pros follow brands on social media; what actions do IT pros take after engaging with us via social media; and what impact does social media have on our brand-awareness funnel.” The end result of this research has been an unprecedented level of insight into the company's social media efforts—and a nice boost for her department. “We can paint a picture of social media as the ultimate opt-in campaign consisting of high-value customers that welcome continued engagement,” she said. It also makes it easier to identify exactly what CDW's audience of IT professionals wants from social media and how to give it to them. “Increasingly, social media is a way of doing business far more than it is a function or tactic,” McCadney said. “All of our major campaigns now involve a social media component.”
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