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Top marketers not just the `big boys'

Thank you for sharing your insight into the top marketers for 2006.

I found all of their strategies to be very interesting and useful. That being said, perhaps for the 2007 edition you can also include marketers from private and small/midsize companies on this list. Although we may not have the mega budgets of Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM Corp., private small/midsize company marketers are effectively using traditional, new media and unique marketing strategies and techniques to drive sales, unite organizations and increase brand value.

So if you can also showcase the private and public side of b-to-b marketers, brands and creative, I believe that you can further inspire young marketers such as me, who definitely enjoy reading about what the "big boys" in industry are doing, but I believe that all of your readers can also learn something from us private small/midsize marketers as well.

Beverly Wilks

Director, corporate marketing and communications, OZ

[email protected]

Virtual trade show story incomplete

I want to point out that your recent article on virtual trade shows ("Virtual trade shows stage a comeback," Sept. 11, page 16) left out vital information on online events.

First, there are other companies, including mine, that are producing these shows. Second, there is a lot more functionality available that your readers should know about if they are considering an online event. For example, we offer online networking for attendees that allows them to meet other "compatible" attendees and form communities of interest or special interest groups that can break out into meetings of their own.

In the future, I think it is important for your readers to know more about what is available to them in this important, revenue-generating form of events.

Richard Feldman

Group VP

iCongo Events

[email protected]

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