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An additional vehicle for reaching pharma

I read your story "Marketing to pharma firms" (Vertical Insight: Pharmaceutical, April 4, p. 26) with interest. But I would like to point out that you omitted a very important advertising vehicle from your list of magazines that reach pharma manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News reaches 20,000 readers in both pharma and medical device organizations. Published since 1994, PMP News deals with the many issues regarding drug packaging that concern all different titles within the organization.

Patricia Spinner

Group Publisher

Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News & Cosmetic Personal Care Packaging

Fairfield, N.J.

[email protected]

Don't bank on criticism that gets name wrong

In answer to your question ("Making an impression on Concourse A," April 4, p. 14)-"Do those large format ads along the concourse register at all on our psyches?"-the obvious answer is "no" because neither you nor Chris Philip had the correct name of the bank. As there is no such bank as the "World Bank of Scotland," you missed some great ads by the Royal Bank of Scotland. Wasn't there once a quote that went something like this: "I don't care what you say about me as long as you get my name right"?

Frank J. Grueter III

Senior VP

Publishing Group

Citizens Bank

Boston, Mass.

[email protected]

Editor Ellis Booker: Chris Philip is blameless; according to my notes, he told me the correct name but I wrote it incorrectly in my editorial.

Caveat on how Top 100 trades were counted

In the March issue you published a list of the top 100 trade publications ("Top 100 trade publications [by 2004 revenue]," March 14, p. 42). I'm not questioning the validity of the information published. However, there are publications missing from this list because their data are not captured by IMS-The Auditor. To eliminate the confusion of a market overview with a list of leading publications ranked by revenue, the source line might clearly indicate that the published list is based on those journals captured/measured by IMS-The Auditor (or whatever source is used).

Carolann Mitchell

Director, Corporate Research & Library Services

Advanstar Communications

Montvale, N.J.

[email protected]

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