Lewis DVorkin, Chief product officer, Forbes Media

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Lewis DVorkin, who rejoined Forbes Media as chief product officer last June, is developing a new publishing model for the 94-year-old brand. DVorkin, who had been executive editor of Forbes from 1996 to 2000, continues to lead what he calls a “rolling rearchitecture” of both Forbes and In August he introduced a blogging platform that was ported over from True/Slant, a news and opinion website DVorkin founded in 2009. The introduction of the blogging platform was followed by a major redesign of the print product, starting with the Forbes 400 issue in September. Also, several social networking features have been added to, which attracts 18 million unique monthly visitors worldwide. DVorkin has taken other steps that are geared toward melding Forbes and For example, “The Conversation” begins online as a series of interlinking posts and comments, and is repackaged for the print product as a “story” in a conversational format. DVorkin was also instrumental in developing AdVoice, which allows marketers to write articles for Forbes and Microsoft Corp. and SAP have signed on, among other brands. “There are three voices in this business: journalist, marketers—who are increasingly, and always have been, creators of content and are now creators of a different content—and audience,” DVorkin said. “We're enabling all of those three voices to have a transparent, labeled opportunity to converse with each other in digital and in print, and that, to me, is the future of the media business.”
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