FleishmanHillard Launches 'Native Newsroom' Via LinkedIn

Content-Marketing Service Established for Targeted B-to-B Info

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Jon Williams
Jon Williams

FleishmanHillard has launched what it has dubbed the Native Newsroom in a non-exclusive arrangement with LinkedIn, effectively establishing a content-marketing service built for b-to-b clients.

Developed with feedback from LinkedIn, the Native Newsroom will provide companies with a service to help attract audiences through relevant content for their brands -- from press releases to white papers and professional commentary.

Clients signing up for Native Newsroom will have access to a "content studio, brand journalists and audience-management teams specializing in b-to-b communications," according to Fleishman. That will be backed by a content-marketing campaign and come with an analytics package to gauge ongoing efforts and predict what will work in future campaigns.

LinkedIn has been eyeing ways to engage more companies and agencies to utilize its service for content-marketing purposes, most recently launching new tools to let advertisers see how they're faring as publishers within its walls. The social-media company can now assign brands content-marketing scores to gauge the effectiveness of their posts to company pages, their branded groups, posts by company "influencers" who are part of LinkedIn's publishing program, employee posts, and "sponsored updates" ads that appear in users' streams.

The Native Newsroom is a brand specifically affiliated with FleishmanHillard, but LinkedIn admitted it has had discussions around the idea with other agencies. FleishmanHillard is the first agency to establish this kind of content-marketing initiative with LinkedIn, according to Jon Williams, LinkedIn's agency & content experience team lead.

"The [FleishmanHillard] deal came about with them wanting to be more engaged with us. As an organization we have been really focused on corporate professionals, what they're all doing on our platform, and trying to get them to understand how to leverage our platform," said Mr. Williams. "Over the next few months and years, we'll be expanding our publishing capabilities. ... My team is responsible for major agency relations and we are actively evangelizing how to leverage our platform."

FleishmanHillard is also doing its part to market the Native Newsroom to its client base.

"People who go [to LinkedIn], whatever field they're in, are going to find out information about professionals or a brand," said Ephraim Cohen, FleishmanHillard's digital and social lead, East region. "In b-to-b, if it's well targeted content, it will work. The fact that you can target to very specific people and LinkedIn provides analytics to show what's performing well allows us to keep adjusting so we know we're delivering the right content."

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