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Imperial Automation Technologies
Manager: MeritDirect
Former manager: New to the market
Number of names: 485,682 postal; 40,322 e-mail
Description: Lists of training participants for Imperial Automation Technologies, which provides customized training for engineers, technicians, electricians and operators.
Cost: $165/M to $175/M postal; $275/M e-mail

The Education Center
Rickard List Marketing
Former manager: VentureDirect Worldwide
Number of names: 423,485
Description: Subscribers to The Education Centers four magazines targeting teachers: The Bookbag, Learning, The Mailbox and Teacher's Helper.
Cost: $90/M

NewBay Media
Lake Group Media
Former manager: MeritDirect
Number of names: 307,938
Description: List of subscribers to NewBay Media publications, which target professionals in audio, musical instruments, video, broadcast, systems installation and recorded media/storage. Lists also include members of NewBay Media online communities and attendees of its conferences and events.
Cost: $105-$150/M

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