LivePerson cleans up e-mail efforts by integrating with CRM

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LivePerson provides online engagement and customer service solutions to both large enterprises and small businesses. It offers customers a free trial of its service, and about 120 companies take advantage of the offer each month. Those leads, along with existing customers and prospects collected from other marketing efforts, comprise a database of “several hundred thousand people,” said Steven Freedman, the company’s director of SMB sales.

LivePerson uses e-mail to follow up with those who are registered for the free trial, sending them links or tutorials. It also sends out newsletters with product information and promotions, Freedman said.

Until a few years ago, it was difficult to segment the list or even keep track of which e-mail addresses were prospects and which were already customers. The company needed a way to differentiate between the enterprise and small-business customers and provide its salespeople with updated information so they could contact free-trial prospects that exhibited the best chance of becoming customers. There was also the issue of campaign creation and management: It was often difficult to see which e-mails were the most successful and why, Freedman said.

So LivePerson integrated its customer relationship management tool,, and its e-mail marketing program, GOT Corp.’s CampaignerPro, so it could leverage and combine data collected and stored in the CRM system with campaign information and feedback.

By combining the customer sales and support information contained in with the e-mail marketing database, LivePerson can segment its list down to the product feature needed or desired, Freedman said. In addition, e-mail campaign results are brought directly into so salespeople can focus on the most qualified leads. Campaign creation is also streamlined because CampaignerPro gives the company granular data about e-mail usage.

“It’s been a great tool for designing our newsletter. We found out that the links we had in the top left side of the margin got the best click-through, so that’s where we put the most relevant information today,” Freedman said. “Even something simple like maintaining a clean list is easier. In the past we spent a day cleaning up our database, removing opt-outs by hand. Now, it’s done automatically.”

Luc Vezina, CampaignerPro’s VP-product marketing and product management, said this type of strategy is smart because it frees up personnel to do their jobs more effectively. “LivePerson generates a large volume of leads of different quality and size, and with CampaignerPro is able to send those leads a personal, relevant response at the right time,” he said. “This takes pressure off sales reps who need to spend their time focusing on more qualified opportunities. They are able to leverage the data that they have collected and stored in their CRM system to create relevant, timely messages—which increases response rates.”

Overall, open and click-through rates are up 15%, and the database is updated and clean, Freedman said. “It’s really become easy to identify a group and generate a campaign for it,” he said.

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