Losing money because paid search landing page testing takes too long.

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Problem: Losing money because paid search landing page testing takes too long.

Solution: Paid search moves at hyperspeed, where every second counts. As a result, every second also costs real dollars. Yet many marketers regularly leave money on the table. How so?

As marketers invest in developing sophisticated landing page tests, they lose sight of the timing element that is so critical to paid search. In the process, time actually works against them. The result? Lost opportunity. Specifically, marketers miss the chance to discover new learnings, apply them to their campaigns and reap the benefits of doing so.

Such is the cost of perfection. To avoid this, marketers need to do two things:

1) Recognize that speed does matter. Instead of investing in large, elaborate tests, marketers should opt to conduct smaller tests more often. For example, multivariate testing and A/B testing can be valuable, but marketers often complicate them. In general, marketers need to be mindful that a landing page test is just that—a test. It's not a long-term commitment that needs to go on for months. If you can pull together a comprehensive test quickly, great. But if not, don't squander the time perfecting the plan. Instead, test quickly and move on. After all, you can always test it again later.

2) Realize that every little gain counts. Just because you spent weeks planning a test doesn't mean that you'll find the perfect page. Instead, aim for each quick test to generate an additional benefit. For example, think about the traffic you already drive and convert.

What if you could increase your conversion rate by just a smidge? And then by another smidge. And then another. Adopting a quick landing page testing method could allow you to do just that.

Overall, landing page testing can play a key role in improving your conversion rate. However, smart marketers will remember that when it comes to testing, speed does matter and that every little gain counts. Ultimately, the cost of perfection is lost opportunity.

John Tawadros is COO of iProspect (, a search engine marketing provider.

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