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When London-based Haymarket Media decided to expand to the U.S. in 1999 with the launch of PR Week, it hired Louise Morrin Boyle to head up production and sent her to the states, where she had to become familiar with a whole new postal system and newsstand distribution system.

Morrin Boyle was the only production employee for the U.S. unit at the time. Now she oversees a staff of six, and the unit has grown to include one weekly, seven monthlies and the Medical Prescribing Reference.

Morrin Boyle's organizational skills and flexibility have helped to make the quick growth relatively smooth. Since most of it has occurred through acquisition, she's had to consolidate from seven printers in 2001 to the current two.

"It's very methodical, analytical work, picking apart different cost lines and what different printers can do for you," she said. "But I find the details are there for you to look at and decipher."

She was an early adopter of CTP (computer to plate). "A lot of innovation is common sense combined with pushing ideas and saying, `Why can't we do this?' " she said. "You have to know the limitations to work within, but there's no reason not to keep pushing and finding new ways to do things."

Morrin Boyle is particularly proud of building a smart, young, flexible team that enjoys learning about new technologies. "Some of them didn't come out of production backgrounds, but they are fascinated with it," she said. "I see us as a service department within our company. We work for the publisher; we work for the ad team and the editorial team. So it's a can-do attitude that we have. It's made us one of the most dependable teams in the company, and that's very satisfying." -M.J.M.

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