Marianne Budnik

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Title: Senior VP-CMO
Company: CA Technologies
Years in current job: 1
Quote: “We keep asking ourselves, "Are we telling the CA Technologies story in a complete and consistent way?' That's what the market needs to see.”

CA Technologies is in the midst of a branding makeover, changing everything from its name—adding “Technologies” in May—to its color palette, which expanded from strictly green and blue to include vibrant purples and oranges.

“There's an energy in the marketplace that we capture in the words and color scheme,” said Marianne Budnik, VP-CMO, referring to new ads that debuted last month. “We're looking at every level of the customer experience.”

Running on TV, online and in print, the service-specific ads follow a question-and-answer format, with queries such as: “Can you take virtualization to the next level of efficiency?” or “Can you realize the true potential of the cloud?” The answer is always either “You can” or “We can,” followed online by links to microsites answering each question through analyst reports, white papers, video case studies and webcasts.

The ads promote CA's offerings, which have expanded with several acquisitions over the last year designed to bolster its cloud management business.

The ads are part of the “Agility Made Possible” campaign that was launched in June following the name change. The new name, unveiled to 7,000 vendors at CA World 2010, finally paints a complete picture of the enterprise software company, Budnik said.

“Bits of the story were being told, but being told in silos,” Budnik said. “Our overarching objective was to guide the development of the CA story.”

CA worked with multiple agencies, including branding agency Lippincott, New York, on the brand strategy and visual identity; digital agency Digitas, Boston, on a redesigned website and online ads; Manasian Inc., Boston, on the ad campaign; Jack Morton Worldwide on events; and Initiative for media.

None of its agency partnerships are long-term agreements, Budnik said. “We're doing a little best of breed,” she said. “It's a team effort.”

Budnik said the campaign “has been going great.” The online component is already showing results, outperforming the market and CA's past performance by a multiple of two or three, she said; it's also anecdotally generated positive feedback from customers and prospects. “It's going to take a little bit of time and repetition of impressions to get stickiness in the market.”

Part of the rebranding involved consolidating 17 sites into one umbrella site. It has a strong social media emphasis, including an area called Cloud Commons that aggregates cloud news, blogs, white papers and video case studies.

“We've progressed from being a product-focused to a solutions company,” Budnik said, adding that the company's website has become a much more “compelling” destination for visitors.


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