Mark Rentschler

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Title: Marketing manager Company: Makino Inc. Years in current job: 12
Following two record years for sales at Makino Inc., marketing manager Mark Rentschler is under pressure to drive market share and volume growth in a fairly flat market. “We have to penetrate some vertical markets and customer accounts where we would like to see a larger degree of improvement; and, as manufacturing surges back into North America, we have to be wherever people are going to discover us,” he said. Two tactics Rentschler is using are targeting existing accounts with more engaging content, such as case studies with higher-impact illustrations, and making sure any new entrant in the manufacturing space will find Makino as soon as they start searching for the advanced machining centers, machine tools, automation solutions and engineering services the company offers. Rentschler said some traditional digital marketing methods—such as email campaigns segmented to target specific markets, including aerospace, automotive and medical—are still effective. On the social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, he has found that followers are willing to engage with more technical content, so case studies and videos are now posted more frequently. To draw in valuable prospects, Rentschler relies heavily on organic search optimization, pay-per-click advertising and, more recently, remarketing programs with Google. “We've gotten even more selective in our PPC targeting and we're doing more A/B testing,” he said. “All of it is part of an integrated campaign to provide the kind of conversions we need to drive our business plan objectives,” he said. Rentschler has also built a digital sales toolbox to help Makino's direct sales team and channel partners sell the company's high-end portfolio of products and services.
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