Marketers want targeted solutions

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“I think some people still believe that you can put up a Web site with banner ads and be an online publisher. That is online publishing 10 years ago. The game has changed tremendously. You need comprehensive and targeted solutions that ultimately result in lead generation. We had a recent deal with Oracle that had lead generation as a primary focus. Instead of giving them ad impressions, we worked with them to gather multiple types of marketing collateral: video, webinars and white papers. These are not banner ads, and the goal is not impressions or click-throughs. We focus on figuring out what parts of an audience will be interested in what Oracle has to offer and targeting those people wherever we find them. Today, we even target people when they first subscribe to one of our products. We immediately serve targeted lead-generation campaigns based on the subscription form they use. "Laser segmentation' is the key to long-term revenue generation. To maintain results, you not only have to serve ads that are relevant to the individual but also protect them from ones that they don't want to see.” —SEAN GRIFFEY, president, Questex Media's FierceMarkets
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