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Our most recent survey of b-to-b marketers, results of which were presented last month at the ABM annual conference, provides an interesting snapshot of what they are currently doing with media companies in terms of marketing services. What really surprised me is that even before the recent launch of marketing services groups at several media companies, over half of the marketers were already engaged in working with publishers in this area. Equally interesting was the number (about half) who said they use media companies for creative services. Also surprising was the finding that large marketers (traditionally the group most aligned with ad agencies) are more active with business media companies than smaller marketers. The research made clear that the biggest opportunities for publishers so far have been creating lead-generation and email marketing programs for clients. Some services that didn't rank as high—including website strategies, SEO and custom content—will surely grow as media companies devote more resources to them. If you read the whole list of possible activities—we listed more than 20 in the survey—you'll find there's plenty of opportunity. While marketing services may not provide the single largest revenue stream, they clearly will be a way to enhance the bottom line for all media companies. I highly recommend downloading the complete report from intelligence center. It's an investment that will reap rewards. Bob Felsenthal can be reached at [email protected]
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