Marketing can change the game

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How important is marketing in your publishing organization? We all know that it is much more than salespeople making calls. BtoB magazine writes every month about the various tools and tactics marketers are using to drive business subjects, like online and print advertising, e-mail and direct marketing, search and event marketing.

What I have found in many publishing organizations is the lack of a belief in marketing and its power to truly lift brands. We are all in the business of selling advertising, and yet we so seldom use it to promote our own brands.

When was the last time you hired an ad agency or marketing consultant to elevate your own visibility or attract more leads for your sales department? Have you invested in search marketing for your circulation and Web site traffic? Have you sponsored webinars to reach your adver- tisers?

These questions probably received negative responses. At BtoB, we recently launched a marketing campaign, using the tagline "Change the game."

It reminded me that marketing is more than just a media kit; it requires investment and knowledgeable executive talent.

I think this is a difficult time for publishing companies that are in need of making transitions. I think the companies that use smart marketing will move ahead. I encourage you to change the game and invest in marketing. It will help your team win.

Bob Felsenthal can be reached at [email protected]

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