Landscape Products Maker Marshalls Launches B-to-B Campaign

Effort Focuses on Installer Pride Rather Than Specs and Benefits

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Marshalls print ad created by Gyro Manchester
Marshalls print ad created by Gyro Manchester

Marshalls, a U.K. company that manufactures paving stones and other landscaping products for commercial and consumer markets, is rolling out a b-to-b campaign aimed at professional installers, designed to be more humanly relevant and tap into installer pride.

The campaign, called "Marshalls Registered and Proud," was created by Gyro Manchester and includes print, online, radio, social media and direct mail. The budget was undisclosed.

Ads are rolling out this month in publications including Builders Merchant Journal, Pro Builders Magazine and Pro Landscaper.

"The overall campaign objective is to grow the number of installers in the Marshalls Registered program and get them to sell more Marshalls products," said Matt Inston, client services director at Gyro Manchester.

Marshalls currently has about 1,000 professional installers in its Marshalls Registered program, and it aims to grow its installer base across the U.K.

"Most of the installers we work with are small businesses or small companies, so the owners themselves are doing the work," said Gemma Jones, head of domestic marketing at Marshalls. "We have found, from extensive research, that pride in their work is a critical motivation for installers in the landscaping industry," she said.

In one ad, a dirty installer's van has only one area cleaned off -- the back door showing off a "Marshalls Register" sticker.

In another ad, a truck is driving off with "Just Registered" painted on its back window, cans tied to the rear bumper and a new "Marshalls Register" sticker displayed on the tailgate.

"From a b-to-b standpoint, we wanted to make the campaign more humanly relevant," Mr. Inston said. He noted that previous Marshalls ad campaigns targeted at installers featured product specifications and benefits.

"For installers, we wanted to show that they can take pride in the Marshalls badge," Mr. Inston said. "It's not just a logo -- it's something you should wear and be proud of."

The campaign also includes a consumer component, designed to raise awareness of the Marshalls brand among consumers and encourage them to request Marshalls products from their landscape installers.

In one ad, a mother and her daughter take their boots off before walking on a new driveway paved with Marshalls stone. The headline reads, "Paving to be proud of."

"The installer has a massive influence over the product the homeowner chooses," Ms. Jones said. "Most people don't know about paving and the product attributes, so having an installer recommend Marshalls is a key to the growth of our business."

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