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Question: How can I tweak my landing page to optimize my e-mail performance?

Answer: Whether you're sending a promotional e-mail or an e-newsletter, the main goal is to get subscribers to take action on your Web site. These actions might include registering for an event, making a purchase or requesting additional information. Therefore, your Web site is an important extension of your e-mail marketing program.

A properly designed landing page can greatly increase your conversion rates. To maximize the performance of your e-mail messages with effective landing pages, follow these tips:

  • Design a specific landing page for each offer and create a single path to it.

A common mistake is to design landing pages that are generic or to try to fulfill several goals on one page. Eliminate additional links to other resources or to other pages on your Web site that can pull a subscriber away from your offer.

  • Repeat the headline from your e-mail at the top of your landing page.

This tells subscribers they have arrived at the right place. Also, keep content “above the fold.” If visitors have to scroll to find what they're looking for, they may give up.

  • Design for “scanability” and lead the eye.

People tend to scan pages looking for information that compels them to take action. Make sure headlines, sub-heads and graphics are simple. Use copy, graphics and white space to direct the subscriber to your offer. This can be done using fonts and colors.

  • Test different elements and copy on your landing pages to learn what works best.

Track your results so you can make improvements to increase performance.

Jordan Ayan is CEO and founder of SubscriberMail ( ), a provider of e-mail marketing services and technology.

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