Media Strategist: Chris Philip

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Chris Philip
Title: Senior VP-media director
Company: Doremus
Location: New York
Key b-to-b clients: United Technologies Corp., ITT Industries, TRW Automotive, Corning, Financial Times
Years in media business: 22
Top Trend: “It used to be creatives were driving the charge, and now media is really driving the charge.”

Chris Philip, senior VP-media director at Doremus, has seen a major shift in the power balance of advertising, with media leading the way.

"It used to be creatives were driving the charge, and now media is really driving the charge," said Philip, who joined Doremus in 1995 and handles media for accounts including ITT Industries, United Technologies Corp., TRW Automotive, Corning and the Financial Times.

"Media is no longer a back-office function," he said. "Media is at the forefront."

Philip said this shift has been driven by smaller marketing budgets, clutter in the marketplace and clients' focus on ROI. "You have to be smarter with every dollar you spend," he said. "You have to figure out a way to place your message in the right place at the right time."

For his clients, that means conducting extensive research with the target audience, as well as working with media partners to come up with innovative media placements.

For ITT Industries, Philip used this strategy to help the company "own the show" at the recent AquaTech water industry show in Amsterdam.

"The approach we took was getting into the mindset of a delegate," Philip said. "From the time they stepped off the plane until the time they got back on to the plane, we developed a pathway and hit them at different points throughout the day," Philip said.

Media placements included ads on flags outside the convention center, stair risers leading into the registration area, buses, large mobile billboards and even on water bottles on the shuttle buses.

For UTC, Philip worked with publications including Barron's and The Wall Street Journal to create unique ad placements featuring UTC's trademark blue stripe that ran across pages. The Journal created a special color unit specifically for the campaign, with unusual ad sizes.

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