Median Prices for adding a search engine:

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National medians$4,300$11,695$70,200
National lows$1,250$5,250$13,500
National highs$12,500$25,000$280,000


ACME doesn't have a lot of content, but they do have their parts catalog up and want people to be able to hit their homepage and find a nice little box to type a part name or number in and find out about your sprocket or widget of choice. Off the shelf software will work just fine, and if you can get it free, all the better. A simple key-word with a couple booleans thrown in will do just fine for them. It shouldn't be too server intensive.


This will go two-fold. They want their entire site searchable and are fairly happy with the Excite engine that they've seen around. They'll buy the $995 license as well (include that in your price.) Put a nice clean interface on it.

However they also want to have a tool to input some of their investment data/facts which will database the data in flat html files. They want to be able to sort by two of the fields and generate pages for the users.


Another two-parter. Blockmonster wants a site-wide search; key-word and context. Boolean and/or/near. They also like the Hotbot choice of searching for "The Phrase." They'll want a nice interface with a box on each page and a separate search page for more advanced searches. You can write your own software for this or buy it off the shelf, whatever you prefer.

For them, though, the big thing will be the music review data base. Buy them a server to run a meaty database on. We're looking at Oracle or Sybase, or another, depending on what you like to work with. They'll input the reviews which will contain album name, track listings, recording years, artist name and the review. They'll want to be able to have users sort and search by any of these terms. Search terms could look like this: 'Artist: Lou Reed' or 'Album: New York' or 'Song: Romeo and Juliet' (which would also pull up albums by Dire Straits and the Indigo Girls unless a boolean was used.) They'll need a backend tool to input new reviews and a front end for the users.

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