Median prices for adding audio to your site:

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National medians$960$6,25096,500
National lows$250$900$20,250
National highs$2,500$25,000$260,000


ACME Sprockets: One of the officers--ok, the president--was surfing around some of his competitors' sites and he saw that the Sprocketeer International site has a message from its president that you can click on and listen to. Not to be outdone, Mr. President is going into the studio now to have his voice put down on tape. He'll ship you the tape and wants a couple of 30-second sound bites of corporate wisdom tacked on the site in a two formats (.aiff and .wav).


Investments R Us: One part of their business is patented investment tapes. Would-be investors pop them in their car radio and listen to advice on playing the market and real estate speculating while they go to work. They want to start offering samples in RealAudio format so people can get a taste from their desktop. They'll need a RealAudio 3.0 server, capable of at least 20 simultaneous connections. They'll also need some pages worked up for this new area of their site.


Blockmonster: Blockmonster already sponsors a lot of concerts, some big, some small. What they would now like to do is take this one step further. They're looking to start broadcasting concerts live on the Internet using RealAudio. They'll need the pages developed, as well as a 1000 connection Real Audio 3.0 server. They'll also need you to produce the live broadcast from the technical end as well to deliver Hootie and the Blowfish in real time to fans across the world.

Additional consulting on the Blockmonster site provided by MediaCast, San Francisco.

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