Median prices for adding Chat:

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National medians$2,150$5,000$50,000
National lows$200$500$100,000
National highs$50,000$100,000$500,000


ACME realizes that there isn't a whole lot of reason to have chat, but they think it would be cool to give their manufacturers some place to come and talk about widgets. In fact, they want to be the place on the Web for the active discussion of widgets. The CEO's son is "on the information superhighway" and found this site that has free scripts (WWWBoard at Matt's script archive). They want their developer to download this Perl script, configure it, and get it running.


Investments 'R' Us wants to use their chat system to allow their representatives on the road to communicate with each other. The idea of a public chat forum worries them after that Prodigy court case, so they need to have this password protected at least. One thread at a time is enough.


Blockmonster wants to keep pushing the envelope on their site. They want you to develop a java-based chat system where people can start their own areas if they need, have private areas, link to pictures with their posts -- the works. And they want a nice front end to make it simple. They are willing to buy another server just for it ( so that it can get hammered by Alanis Morissette fans discussing the definition of "Ironic."

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