Median prices for adding intranets

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Springfield Tool & Die Median Price High Low
$63,750 $250,000 $5,000

Company profile: Springfield Tool & Die is a 75-person company. It has about 100 Windows 95 machines on its Novell-based network. It would like to have you set up a straightforward intranet site and a back-end posting system, nothing too fancy. Content areas would be: internal job postings, company directory, press releases and company news, computer-training documents, human resources forms and a small threaded message board where employees can ask questions of the information systems department and have it respond. Certain employees would be able to post to the site, mostly cutting and pasting Word documents into a Web-based form.

Services would include:

  • Installation of and integration with the site's server.

  • Design for the six content areas.

  • A form-based publishing system for those areas.

  • Threaded message board software.
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