Median prices for adding personalization

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oldclass: 2
National medians$10,000 16,00026,125
National highs$100,000 175,000250,000
National lows $500 5,0001,000

Our hypothetical marketers are all very happy with the progress the sites have made in the first year. Their sites are starting to generate some revenue and they're pleased with the ROI for the money they have reinvested in the sites. Now they want to give something back to the users by allowing them some personalization of the site. Of course if this generates even more sales, all the better!


ACME is very pleased with the response to their registration form. One thing they learned from it is that they have two distinct audiences. One was their target from the beginning-Sprocket resellers. However they've also found that a lot of end-buyers visit their site too. What they'd like to do is this: Based on the preference stored in the registration cookie, ('buyer' or 'reseller') they would like to have visitors see one of two different catalogs. They'll give you the new images and text for the catalog. They'd like you to follow the existing template and set up that area of the site to take the registration cookie and send the visitor to the proper version.


Investments R Us wants to give their users some customized options for creating a portfolio of stock and bond prices that they watch. They would like their registered visitors to be able to come to the site and find a listing of their five favorite stocks, with reviews from their analyst and a current quote from their stock ticker. All the content is on the site already, they just want to be able to tie it into their registration. They would like all of this information to come up automatically on the home page for their registered users.


Blockmonster wants to use their registration to drive sales on their site. When a user registered, they were prompted for their musical preference. Now Blockmonster would like to add a feature to their home page that lists five albums on a weekly special. They'll have different albums for each genre. Based on the users musical taste, visitors will find targeted 'ads' for albums they should like. They'll see a graphic of the album cover, the name of the album and artist and a link to purchase/read reviews for each of the five.

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