Median prices for developing a community site

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R.U. Well Median Price High Low
$45,000 $175,000 $5,000

Company profile: R.U. Well is a maker of medical-testing equipment. Most of its sales are done by individual field reps. The company is looking to its Web site as a way to create a sort of community center for the doctors and hospitals that make up its customer base -- giving them a place to discuss R.U. Well's products, the products' uses and general issues relating to health care. At the start, the company doesn't see this as a revenue generator, rather an added value. Once the site gets going and people are using it, the company might start selling subscriptions.

Here's what the company will need:

  • A simple, Web-based, account-creation tool so that non-techie sales folks can generate e-mail accounts on the Unix box used to serve this. These will be Web-based e-mail accounts with no dial up, and minimal storage space -- that is, no personal Web serving for users.
  • Threaded Web-based message board where users, with accounts, can post, reply, read and generate new topics.
  • Administrative back end, allowing R.U. Well to kill out old or offensive posts.
  • Design work to put a front end on this and integrate it into the existing R.U. Well site.
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