Median Prices for full site development

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Investments 'R' Us Blockmonster
May '00 $113,500 $119,500 $608,000
Sept. '99 $77,500 $170,000 $405,000
Feb. '99 $78,000 $150,000 $440,000
June '98 $44,500 $99,750 $302,975
Oct. '97 $25,000 $83,000 $275,000
April '97 $18,750 $67,500 $330,000
Sept. '96 $26,100 $102,025 $596,073

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ACME Sprockets, a marketer of widgets, sprockets, etc., for distribution to construction contractors. It built its first little site in 1996 and has come a long way since then.

ACME has built up its corporate infrastructure, but still wants to keep its site simple. The new site will feature tables of parts, specs and corporate information. On the back end, it has a MySQL database with the specs and inventory. It wants to build a front end for the Web site that will allow users to search for products, view the specs and check the inventory. Then the user will be able to add the items to a rudimentary shopping cart system, generate a purchase order or enter a credit card, and buy the widgets. When ACME adds new parts and specs into the database, the front end will need to reflect those changes as well.

Services requested:
Look and feel (design/site mapping)
Hosting (for secure transactions)
Publishing tools
Shopping cart

E-commerce solution for the purchase

Investments 'R' Us, an investment firm with a widespread staff of brokers. It has a lot of proprietary investment data that it wants its clients, but no one else, to be able to access. It wants that data to be searchable and sortable.

The clients can access the database on a password-protected basis, so they'll need a Web-based management tool for account creation on the back end, and a user-level front end for the users to manage their passwords, etc.

Finally, for its own brokers, it wants to create a custom stock ticker application that tracks stocks in real time and sends e-mail alerts to their pagers when certain stocks hit certain levels. The brokers will then be able to call their clients and advise them on the market conditions.

Services requested:
Look and feel (design/site mapping)
Creation of the ticker; integration with real-time stock data
Search engine

Password-management system

Blockmonster Entertainment, a chain of record-video-software superstores. It want the works. Start with a searchable database of products and reviews, both professional and generated by visitors. The database will contain records for 20,000-plus products. Users will be able to register and set up a myBlockmonster page. That page will target the user profile and display the products the user should be most interested inœbased on previous purchases and user-specified interests. Along with the product info, Blockmonster will need a multimedia database with audio and video clips, a way to upload the files, and a streaming server for the RealAudio clips.

When it launched in 1996, Blockmonster wasn't sure it wanted to sell online, but now it is fully committed. It will need a full e-commerce shopping cart system with order-tracking, and the ability to let users store their billing profiles. Also, it wants a locator guide so visitors can enter a ZIP code and come up with a detailed map of where they'll find the nearest branch.

Services requested:
Server hosting and maintenance
Publishing tools
Custom programming/development of Java applets, locator and Shockwave files.
Search engine
Database development (for its content and its users)
Secure transaction capability
Shopping cart system
Work with their agency to provide:
Look and feel (design/site mapping)

Content for promotions (shockwave games, etc.)

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