Median prices for preparing for the new browsers

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oldclass: 2
National medians13,500 33,500 66,250
National highs 45,000 89,480 162,500
National lows 1,200 8,800 21,400


ACME SPROCKETS, as always, wants to be on the cutting edge of business to business sprocket-related Web sites. But they don't have a lot of money to spend. So they'd like to put up part of their catalog (15) pages in a nice, perfectly-positioned format using Cascading Style Sheets. They want to offer a choice of two monitor sizes. They'll give you the copy and the art, all they want if for you to put it together in a nice format.


INVESTMENTS R US wants to help educate current and potential clients about investment basics. They'd like you to put together a presentation in about the size and scope of the Neoglyphics Media Presentation featured in the Communicator area on the Netscape Web site.

It will feature information about different types of investment services they offer and what they mean in pull-out lists, etc.


BLOCKMONSTER was also checking out the Netscape demo page. They liked the Vacation Planner demo. They want to build a section for their "staff picks" section. It will feature art from ten CD's and users can Drag and Drop HTML Objects to either drop the CD's on a "more info" icon to get a track list, etc. or they can drop them on a shopping cart and keep a running total of their purchases. The key will be that they can take the information from that page and click on a "purchase" option that will let them buy the selected items through a secure server.

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