MediaTec deals with growth spurt

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MediaTec publishes two monthlies and earlier this year launched a bimonthly, Workforce Performance Solutions, that it aims to take monthly. The company’s growth spurt has brought new challenges to Art and Production Manager Kendra Chaplin.

MB: What’s your biggest issue?

Chaplin: That we’re growing so much. Obviously, we’re still small. There are 20 of us total, five in print and Web production. The hardest thing is dividing responsibilities so the process doesn’t get all out of whack as we do it.

MB: How do you do that?

Chaplin: A lot of it is communication and bringing in people who have the right skill sets to really step in. We’ve been finding that we need to take a little more time on both interviewing and training with the potential production employees to be sure that they work the way that we do.

MB: Is there a culture clash for new employees?

Chaplin: Yes. The company’s been so small for so long that we had our own rhythm that people need to get used to. Also, when we were smaller, people could go directly to department heads and ask questions; and there are some barriers to that now.

MB: How is it to sit at ABM meetings with reps of large companies and know you can’t do the kinds of things they’re doing?

Chaplin: There are things we know we want, but we’re a small publisher so we’re limited. Anything we do-anything-has to have a clear ROI. ... There’s no room for poorly spent money.

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